Traditional Art Technique Atelier (TATA) is a Netherlands-based foundation that is dedicated to traditional drawing and painting techniques of the old masters from the Golden Age.
TATA aims to encourage and develop the creative visual talent of their students using classical realistic painting and drawing techniques. TATA can provide an excellent foundation for those who want to be serious about their painting and drawing skills and strive to achieve good results.

TATA’s mission is to promote the effective time-tested traditional painting and drawing techniques.

TATA’s vision is to bring people closer to the traditions, spirit and techniques of the old masters.

 Tradition is not to preserve the ashes, but to pass on the flame. 

– Gustav Mahler

TATA is inspired by the craftsmanship and the effective time-tested methods that were used by the great artists of the Golden Age. These techniques are timeless and are to this day regarded as the best and most efficient way to learn realistic drawing and painting.

handmade oil paint
handmade oil paint
handmade oil paint
painting class Amsterdam
painting class Amsterdam



Traditional Art Technique Atelier (TATA) offers drawing and painting classes based on the technical skills and craftsmanship that had been used by the old masters. These skills give students the tools needed to express their ideas and visions through the medium of realistic drawing and painting. Classes are often focused on the use of authentic materials, among others handmade oil paint.

TATA provides intensive individual instruction by an experienced professional teacher (artist), who is specialized in the techniques of the old masters of mostly the 17th century. TATA offers a supportive atmosphere that leads to rapid student development and is able to address the needs of students with any amount of experience. Our classes are suited for beginners until intermediate to advanced artists who want to go back to the basics or become stronger in a specific aspect of their drawing or painting skills.

You can discover how it feels to be an authentic old master through coming closer to the craftsmanship and diving into the spirit of the Dutch and Flemish painters from the Golden Age.
We believe in genuine engagement with the atmosphere of an old master’s atelier. Through working with raw materials and studying classical realistic painting techniques you can become part of creating a meaningful work of art, be it in a very early or advanced stage of the process.

We are based in The Netherlands and our painting an drawing classes are held in art studios in Amsterdam (Jordaan area), The Hague and Delft. The approach is always highly personalized and structured. Each lesson is spent learning a specific technique and applying it with an objective in mind. Progress is therefore fast and the results are usually surprising.


In 2016 TATA has held a series of drawing/sketching classes in Amsterdam, dedicated to the materials and the visual language used by the old masters. In 2017 we will continue with these class series.
For timely info about the dates & costs, please refer to our blog for updates.

drawing class old masters
drawing class
painting class Amsterdam

Oil Painting Course –  A Dutch still life

With the guidance of our art teacher you will learn to paint a Dutch still life in 4 lessons. First you will study the visual language of the Old Masters by copying details from their paintings at the introduction workshop. Then you will paint your own still life. Here you’ll find the course info and how to register.

handmade oil paint
grisaille oil painting
oil painting class

Private classes

We offer possibility of private lessons in our atelier.
If you wish to subscribe for a private session, please use our contact form below or facebook to get in touch.

painting class grisaille
grisaille oil painting class
oil painting class

Museum tours

TATA hosts museum visits to discuss the old masters techniques in order to learn how to observe their work through the artist’s perspective. Please refer to our blog for upcoming museum tours.

Teylers museum
Teylers museum



Traditional Art Technique Atelier works in collaboration with the Russian private art academy PRACTICUM STUDIO, which is affiliated with the Royal (I. Repin) Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. PRACTICUM is dedicated to academic drawing and painting and their professional studio décor is inspired by the 17th century painter’s atelier. TATA and Practicum aim to create a cross-border collaboration through organizing webinars and tours to each other’s studios in Russia and Holland, museum tours, presentations and other arts and culture related activities.

Dutch stillife Vanitas


Wonderful creative atmosphere to learn the basics to paint & draw like the old masters, after getting in touch with their philosophy.
Traditional Art Technique Atelier student

M. P.

Thanks to the teacher, teaching methods and the atmosphere, I am very enthousiastic about the classes and working with authentic materials.
student oil painting class

D. G.

Fantastic to feel how differently self-made oil paint works under your brush vs. ready-to-use produced paint. Fully enjoyed!
Traditional Art Technique Atelier student

V. N.